Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ResourceShelf: Online Audio: "Library Of Congress Receives Largest Single Audio Donation"

January 12, 2011 00:22

The following report aired on All Things Considered, January 10, 2010. Listen online and/or download file and/or access transcript.

From a Text Version of the Report by Tom Cole:

The Library of Congress today announced the largest donation of audio recordings it's ever received. The donation came from Universal Music Group and is made up of master recordings — the final metal discs used to press commercial releases; lacquer discs that were cut in the studio to capture full takes of tunes; and reel-to-reel tapes from the late 1940s. The material dates from around 1930 to around 1950 and marks the first time the Library has received commercial masters from a major label.

They'll be stored under a grass-covered hillside in Culpepper, Va., that once belonged to the Virginia Federal Reserve — built to house enough coin and currency to jump-start the economy east of the Mississippi in the event of a nuclear attack. Today it's the Packard (named after a donor) Campus of the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center. The Blue Ridge Mountains stand to the west and a red-tailed hawk circles overhead as Gene DeAnna, head of the Recorded Sound Section of the Library of Congress, leads the way inside.

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