Friday, January 21, 2011

Academic Impressions: Academic Library Planning and Revitalization - Columbus, OH :: March 7 - 9, 2011

How do changes in learning theory, technology, and use patterns translate into program and design choices when renovating or building academic libraries? Whether an institution is planning a renovation or a new library building, revitalizing the library as a learning space is a complex endeavor, requiring knowledge of library users' space needs and research-driven design, as well as a commitment to involving multiple stakeholders throughout the campus.

This hands-on event will provide you with an integrated and practical approach to library planning and design.

Participants will:
•Analyze the latest in library design and learning space theory
•Investigate the fundamentals of library master planning
•Explore a variety of student services found in libraries
•Uncover processes for working with project stakeholders and promoting campus involvement

The conference will be organized by the five phases of library revitalization: vision and discovery, planning and programming, design, renovation, and operation. The most attention will be paid to the vision, planning, and design portions.

Library deans and directors, senior associates, and others involved in the library planning process, such as facilities or development administrators, will learn how to approach a library planning project.

Because this institute invites attendees to establish criteria for design decisions, institutions will benefit from sending a planning committee to the event. If your library planning committee has not been defined, an effective institutional team may consist of the dean or director of libraries, the primary advocate for the library project, and other stakeholders from the library, academic affairs, and facilities management.

Join us on a tour of The Ohio State University to see how the ideas that you've learned have been put into practice.
Opened in August 2009, Ohio State University's William Oxley Thompson Library was chosen for the site visit because of its innovative design featuring a renovation that incorporated an older building, and to show how a project evolved over 10 years of planning and construction. The library is centrally located on Ohio State's main campus, not far from the recently opened Ohio Union (Ohio State's student center) and residence halls. The Thompson Library houses a million general-collections volumes and a quarter-million volumes of special collections and features seating for about 1,800, including 12 group study rooms and 230 hard-wired computer stations that supplement wireless access throughout the building. You will have the opportunity to tour the facility, interview staff, and hear about this project from start to finish from a variety of stakeholders.

What Others Are Saying
"This institute has provided a wonderful, thought-provoking platform for developing a vision for space planning and all of the associated elements." -Michael Crumpton, Associate Dean, Administrative Services, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

"As a 'newbie' in the library field, this conference enabled me to look at my institution's library space with fresh eyes. The vision is clear! I am well-informed to create a learning space that will entice and keep students and faculty in the library." -Fatima Barnes, Meharry Medical College

"The AI conference was great! The staff was helpful and the faculty were well-informed and spoke to the issues we're dealing with. I met people who are in the same phase and a little further into the process who helped me think differently about our project." -Julia Lisuzzo, Manager of Summer Programs, Rochester Institute of Technology

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