Thursday, January 6, 2011

Association of Research Libraries (ARL) November-December 2010 E-News

Association of Research Libraries
21 Dupont Circle
Washington DC 20036
voice: (202) 296-2296
fax: (202) 872-0884

E-News for ARL Directors is a collaboration of ARL program staff, compiled and edited by Charles Lowry ( and Sarah Lippincott (

Governance and Membership Activities
1. Future ARL Membership Meeting Dates

2. October Membership Meeting and Forum Proceedings Available

3. National Archives and Records Administration Becomes Newest Member of ARL

Influencing Public Policies
4. US Supreme Court Considers First Sale Case

5. ARL Comments on CCC Involvement in Georgia State Infringement Case

6. ARL Joins Amicus Brief on FOIA and Privacy Issues

7. FCC Poised to Act on Network Neutrality

8. LCA Files Comments re Impact of Government Internet Policies on Copyright & Innovation

9. ARL Joins CDT in Comments on Free Flow of Information on the Internet

10. Copyright Office to Conduct Study on Pre-1972 Sound Recordings

11. Senate Judiciary Committee Approves “Online Piracy” Legislation

12. Senate Passes Museum and Library Service Act

13. Video Distributor and Trade Association File Suit Against UCLA Over Video Streaming

14. Appropriations Update

Reshaping Scholarly Communication
15. ARL/SSP Partnering to Publish Seminar Presentations Available

16. SPARC Meeting Highlights Power of Repositories for Driving Open Access

17. SPARC-ACRL Forum to Examine Open-Access Journal Publishing

18. SPARC Supports the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR)

19. SPARC Showcases Families Supporting Open Access

20. Journal of Electronic Publishing Explores Future of the University Press

21. RLUK Calls for Pricing Restraint for Big Deals

22. JISC Report Assesses Cost of Peer Review

Transforming Research Libraries
23. ARL Releases Guide to NSF Data Sharing Policy

24. ARL Releases Archive of 2030 Scenarios Webcast

25. CARL-ABRC Releases Competencies for 21st-Century Librarians

26. Project Information Literacy Studies Student Information Use

27. CNI Update

Diversity, Professional Workforce, and Leadership Development
28. Registration Open for the 7th Annual ARL Leadership Symposium

29. ARL Selects Career Enhancement Program Fellows

30. ARL Selects 2011-2012 Leadership and Career Development Fellows

31. ALA Selects Field Recruiters for Discovering Librarianship Project

Library Statistics and Assessment
32. ARL Annual Statistical Surveys Update

33. ARL Survey Coordinators, SPEC Liaisons to Convene at ALA Midwinter

34. Library Assessment Conference Draws Nearly 500 Participants

35. ARL Balanced Scorecard Pilot Activities Reaching End

36. LibQUAL+® at ALA Midwinter: Training Sessions, Booth Consultations

37. 2011 International Events Related to Library Assessment

Other Items of Interest to ARL Directors
38. Publications

39. ARL Transitions

40. ARL Staff Transitions

41. Memorial

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