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8 Best Free Online Data BackUp Applications

Posted by Abhishek on January 5, 2011 in Apps

Losing an important digital data is like a big nightmare in today digital world . Our many important documents are now digital in the form of files and folders . It is always a good habit of taking the back up of your important data which most of us avoid until experienced a catastrophe . Here are some of the best online data back up tools and softwares .

1. DropBox
Dropbox is a very popular online backup tool that uses cloud computing to enable users to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization . It gives 2 GB of free space and you don’t need to upload each of your files and folder , just drag your files and folder to the dropbox folder in your computer and your files will get automatically uploaded to the dropbox server .

2. Mozy
Mozy is another tool which provided automated backup Once you install the Mozy client on your computer, it will back up any files you specify at the frequency you specify. Mozy can back up files while they are open . Mozy also backs up based on file changes, only uploading the portion of a file that has changed and not the entire file all over again . Its Basic home Plan gives 2GB free online backup .

3. Allway Sync
Allway Sync is a good file sync utility for backing up your data to remote locations. Allway Sync is free for personal use, and supports FTP and networked locations as well as external drives.

4. CrashPlan
CrashPlan is a backup tool with a different approach . It allows you to perform local backups on your computer and home network as well as back up data to a friend’s computer if they are also running CrashPlan

5. BuddyBackUP
Buddy back up is a free back up tool which allows you to perform backups on specific PC’s you trust like yours friends and family PCs . It uses P2P technology to back up your files to those computers. Its only drawback is that it requires your buddies to be online to perform backups .

6. DriverMax
DriverMax is a brilliant tool for driver backups , It is very useful when you reinstall Operating system . DriverMax enables you to back up and restore driver sets, plus identify unknown drivers and check for the latest updates online.

7. Foxmarks/X-Marks
This is another excellent tool to back up your bookmarks , profiles , profile passwords from Internet Explorer , Firefox , Safari , Google Chrome etc You can also synchronize your backup across multiple PC’s Online .

8. Macrium Reflect Free
This is a useful drive imaging tool , which allow you to take backup by making image of your hardrives , cd and dvd ‘s

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