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The January/February 2011 Issue of D-Lib Magazine Is Now Online

January 18, 2011 16:10

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Here's a List of Articles and a Selection of Abstracts

+ Research Data
by Laurence Lannom, Corporation for National Research Initiatives


+ Access to Research Data
Introduction by guest editors Jan Brase, German National Library of Science and Technology and Adam Farquhar, British Library

Abstract: Scientists around the world are addressing the need to increase access to research data. Science is international and global cooperation is imperative. DataCite, launched in December 2009, is an association of more than a dozen members from 10 countries and growing, that enables researchers to locate, identify, and cite research datasets with confidence, and plays a global leadership role in promoting the use of persistent identifiers for datasets. In June 2010, the first DataCite summer meeting took place in Hannover, Germany and provided a forum for 25 speakers and nearly 100 participants from Europe, North America and Australia to exchange information for handling research data. This special issue of D-Lib Magazine includes eight articles derived from talks given at the summer meeting and one additional article on the quality of research data. Together, these articles provide a snapshot of the state-of-the-art on these topics.

[New Blog from DataCite]

+ The Dataverse Network: An Open-Source Application for Sharing, Discovering and Preserving Data
Article by Mercè Crosas, Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University, Harvard

+ DataONE: Data Observation Network for Earth — Preserving Data and Enabling Innovation in the Biological and Environmental Sciences

Article by William Michener, University Libraries, University of New Mexico; Dave Vieglais, Biodiversity Research Institute, University of Kansas; Todd Vision, University of North Carolina; John Kunze and Patricia Cruse, University of California Curation Center; and Greg Janée, University of California Curation Center and University of California at Santa Barbara

+ Quality of Research Data, an Operational Approach
Article by Leo Waaijers; Maurits van der Graaf, Pleiade Management and Consultancy

+ Acquiring High Quality Research Data
Article by Andreas Hense and Florian Quadt, Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University

+ Criteria for the Trustworthiness of Data Centres
Article by Jens Klump, Helmholtz Centre Potsdam German Research Centre for Geosciences

+ Abelard and Héloise: Why Data and Publications Belong Together
Article by Eefke Smit, International Association of STM Publishers

Abstract: This article explores the present state of integration between data and publications. The statistical findings are based on the project PARSE.Insight, which was carried out with the help of EU funding in 2008 — 2010. The main conclusion drawn from these findings is that currently very few conventions and best practices exist among researchers and publishers in how to handle data. There is strong preference among researchers and publishers alike for data and publications to be linked in a persistent way. To achieve that, we advocate good collaboration across the whole information chain of authors, research institutes, data centers, libraries and publishers. DataCite is an excellent example of how this might work.

+ Supporting Science through the Interoperability of Data and Articles
Article by IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg and Ove Kähler, Elsevier, S&T Journals, Content Innovation,
The Netherlands

+ isCitedBy: A Metadata Scheme for DataCite
Article by Joan Starr, California Digital Library; Angela Gastl, ETH Zürich Library

Abstract: The DataCite Metadata Scheme is being designed to support dataset citation and discovery. It features a small set of mandatory properties, and an additional set of optional properties for more detailed description. Among these is a powerful mechanism for describing relationships between the registered dataset and other objects. The scheme is supported organizationally and will allow for community input on an ongoing basis.

+ "Earth System Science Data" (ESSD) — A Peer Reviewed Journal for Publication of Data
Article by Hans Pfeiffenberger, Alfred Wegener Institut; David Carlson, UNAVCO, USA

News and Events

+ In Brief: Short Items of Current Awareness

+ In the News: Recent Press Releases and Announcements

+ Clips & Pointers: Documents, Deadlines, Calls for Participation

+ Meetings, Conferences, Workshops: Calendar of Activities Associated with Digital Libraries Research and Technologies

Direct to Table of Contents (January/February 2011; Volume 17, Number 1/2

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