Monday, January 31, 2011

Academic Impressions: Academic Library Planning and Revitalization - March 7 - 9, 2011 Columbus, OH

Learn how changes in learning theory, technology, and use patterns translate into smart library design choices.

Whether your institution is planning a renovation or a new library building, revitalizing the library as a learning space is a complex endeavor, requiring knowledge of library users' space needs and research-driven design, as well as a commitment to involving multiple stakeholders throughout the campus.

Join us on the campus of The Ohio State University to learn an integrated and practical approach to library planning and design.

Led by our team of expert instructors, the conference will be organized by the five phases of library revitalization: vision and discovery, planning and programming, design, renovation, and operation, paying most attention to the vision, planning, and design portions. Participants will:
•Analyze the latest in library design and learning space theory
•Investigate the fundamentals of library master planning
•Explore a variety of student services found in libraries
•Uncover processes for working with project stakeholders and promoting campus involvement
You'll also take part in a behind-the-scenes tour at The Ohio State University's William Oxley Thompson Library to see firsthand how the ideas that you've learned have been put into practice. You will have the opportunity to tour the facility, interview staff, and hear about this project from start to finish from a variety of stakeholders.

Because this institute invites attendees to establish criteria for design decisions, institutions will benefit from sending a planning committee to the event. If your library planning committee has not been defined, an effective institutional team may consist of the dean or director of libraries, the primary advocate for the library project, and other stakeholders from the library, academic affairs, and facilities management.

Register for this event online or call 720.488.6800. Register three people from your institution and the fourth can attend for free. Questions? Call us to determine if this event is right for you.

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