Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Academic Impressions Conference: Academic Library Planning and Revitalization

March 26 - 28, 2012 :: Baltimore, MD

Learn how to revitalize your library to better meet students' needs.

Whether your institution is planning a renovation or a new library building, revitalizing the library as a learning space is a complex endeavor, requiring knowledge of library users' space needs and research-driven design, as well as a commitment to involving multiple stakeholders throughout the campus.
Program Brochure (pdf) | Pricing & Registration | Agenda
This hands-on event will provide you with an integrated and practical approach to library planning and design. In this conference, you will:
  • Analyze the latest in library design and learning space theory
  • Investigate the fundamentals of library planning
  • Explore a variety of student services found in libraries
  • Uncover processes for working with project stakeholders and promoting campus involvement
The conference will be organized by the five phases of library revitalization: vision and discovery, planning and programming, design, renovation, and operation. The most attention will be paid to the vision, planning, and design portions -- perfect for those at the beginning stages of their library revitalization.

Dillard University CTLAT Blog

Dillard University CTLAT Blog

Thursday, December 1, 2011

ABC's of Developing an Institutional Repository Program on Campus

Bepress has created a webinar series for LOUIS members to help you get started planning for an IR program on your campus (no matter what stage you are in the process). The webinar series is designed to share high-level strategies based upon the Digital Commons community and bepress staff best practices. You will receive information and resources to assist you in learning about each topic at a deeper level during each session.

Please join Patti French, Digital Commons Account Manager to learn about the ABC's of an Institutional Repository by registering via the links below for each part. Notice there are two separate days per part to accommodate as many of your schedules as possible. A certificate of completion will be given to anyone who attends all three sessions in its entirety and completes a post- webinar survey.

Lisa Stigall
LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network
225 578-3735
       A - Getting Started -- Creating a Game Plan     
      changing role of libraries -- services, services, services
      IR education - do your homework
      challenges & opportunities
      building excitement - outreach - engaging stakeholders
      identifying funding sources & campus partners
      environmental scan
      gaining Provost and departmental Dean buy-in

      B - Content     
      branding, SEO
      scholarly articles, open access, faculty participation
      copyright, permissions & authors rights

      community engagement
      students: undergraduate research
 publishing journals & events
      supporting data management

      C - Implementation & Development
      marketing the IR
      usage reports, analytics, proving ROI
      success stories

     All times are 12:30pm (CST)     
      Part A: Getting Started – Creating a Game Plan
December 9th (Friday)    

            December 12th (Monday)

            Part B: Content
            January 17th (Tuesday)


            Part C: Implementation & Development
            February 7th (Tuesday)


            February 8th (Wednesday)