Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Academic Impressions Conference: Academic Library Planning and Revitalization

March 26 - 28, 2012 :: Baltimore, MD

Learn how to revitalize your library to better meet students' needs.

Whether your institution is planning a renovation or a new library building, revitalizing the library as a learning space is a complex endeavor, requiring knowledge of library users' space needs and research-driven design, as well as a commitment to involving multiple stakeholders throughout the campus.
Program Brochure (pdf) | Pricing & Registration | Agenda
This hands-on event will provide you with an integrated and practical approach to library planning and design. In this conference, you will:
  • Analyze the latest in library design and learning space theory
  • Investigate the fundamentals of library planning
  • Explore a variety of student services found in libraries
  • Uncover processes for working with project stakeholders and promoting campus involvement
The conference will be organized by the five phases of library revitalization: vision and discovery, planning and programming, design, renovation, and operation. The most attention will be paid to the vision, planning, and design portions -- perfect for those at the beginning stages of their library revitalization.

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