Tuesday, April 16, 2013

WorldCat® widget in the EBSCO Discovery Service

Help your users find what they need in your discovery interface

Expand WorldCat access to your users within EDS

The WorldCat® widget in the EBSCO Discovery Service™ helps your end users increase their chances of finding the exact items they’re looking for. This tool will enable the display of other WorldCat libraries that hold the item–all within your existing EBSCO Discovery Service interface. Now, you can expand the EBSCO Discovery Service to include WorldCat access without requiring end users to leave your library’s website.  

Using the WorldCat Search API you can quickly make this new tool available in your library.

1. Know your WorldCat Search API key. It is:
Dillard University
2. Determine the following for each widget you want to create:
·         Will you be setting up an Affiliated Libraries widget or a Nearby Libraries widget?
        ~ To set up an Affiliated Library widget you will need a list of affiliated library OCLC symbols
·         The link text that will display in results for a WorldCat item
·         Determine if you will indicate an ILL provider.
3. Follow the instructions for creating the widget within EBSCOadmin.


If you need additional help completing the set-up, please contact EBSCO Support or call 800-758-5995.  If you need help with the WorldCat Search API key, please contact OCLC Orders.

The WorldCat Search API is available to your library at no additional charge and its use is subject to these Terms and Conditions.

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