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1400+ International Library Related Conferences

1400+ International Library Related Conferences


March 28th, 2013
by Ellyssa Kroski
Whether you’re a speaker looking to find relevant events to pitch your talks or an ambitious librarian seeking new conferences for professional development, these directories will point you in the right direction. Each of these resources is up-to-date with all of the most current library meetings and events.
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International Library Related Conferences

Maintained by James Thull, Associate Professor, Reference Librarian at Montana State University Library and Marian Dworaczek, M.A., MLS Librarian Emeritus University of Saskatchewan Library and Original List Creator, this list presents more than 1,400 LIS events in date order. Each entry lists the date of the event, a link to the conference page, and the city/state/country where the event will take place. I’ve been using this list for years and I’m so pleased to see that it was recently updated on March 22, 2013.

Library Conference Planner

This directory not only lists domestic and international events but also online/virtual ones as well. Conferences are browsable by location. Entries include the date of the event, a link to the conference website, and the city/state/country where the event will take place. There’s also a clickable, interactive map guiding users to the events.


This Librarian Conferences and Events directory is currently in public beta. It lists LIS-related conferences in blog style and all events are searchable. Events are browsable by country, state, audience, recently added, and online only events. Each entry includes the date of the event, a summary description of the conference, and if applicable, a link to the CFP’s. Users can also browse to events via the website’s calendar and speakers can register themselves on the site to make themselves more findable for conference organizers. This helpful site is the brainchild of Blake Carver (LISNews), Margaret Smith (science librarian at New York University), and Sean Fitzpatrick, (web editor of American Libraries Magazine).

D-Lib Magazine’s Meetings, Conferences, and Workshops Listings

The editors at D-Lib Magazine maintain an annual listing of digital library meetings, workshops, and conferences, as well as other activities associated with digital libraries research and technologies. Entries are listed by date and include a link to the conference website as well as city/state/country where the event will be held. The listing is very current and was last updated on March 10, 2013.

ALA Events

The editors at American Libraries maintain an annual listing of upcoming ALA events, conferences, institutes, workshops, and courses. Each entry can be browsed by date and lists the city/state/country where the event will be held and a link to the associated website.
And if you’re planning to attend any of these events, you might check out: A Library Conference Survival Guide: 20 Tips. Or if you’ll be speaking, here are 10 Tips for Conference Presentations That Rock.

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