Wednesday, August 10, 2011

iLibrarian: 100 Articles That Every Librarian Should Read

Australian bloggers Kathryn Greenhill at Librarians Matter and Con at Ruminations suggest that we try to collectively come up with a Library Futures Reading List. This would be a definitive list of 100 articles that you would

“recommend to anyone working in a library, who is thinking about the future of libraries and their role in building this future”.

Kathryn starts things off with 40 of her own suggestions in her post and sets up a Zotero group for sharing articles that people recommend.

One Response to “100 Articles That Every Librarian Should Read”

  1. Nina Smart Says:
    Keefer, 1993. Jane A. Keefer , The hungry rats syndrome: Library anxiety, information literacy, and the academic reference process. RQ 32 (1993), pp. 333–339.
    A great article on the mindset of the panicky student, but applicable I think for anyone dealing with patrons at the reference desk…

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