Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Library Works: By the Numbers: Redesigning the College Library Building

Redesigning the College Library Building looks closely at the expansion and alteration plans of American college libraries. The study presents detailed data on capital spending current practices and future plans, specifying investment intent in critical areas such as information technology, new buildings, energy saving technology, furniture, "information commons" and other technology centers, auditoriums and classroom space, staff offices and collection storage space, among others.
  • Capital budgets for the libraries surveyed have mostly declined or remained about the same over the past three years, with budgets overall decreasing for 37.21% and remaining at the same levels for 46.51%.
  • Roughly 50% of all libraries in the survey said that over the past three years they have used about the same amount of space for their collections, and almost 39% overall have decreased the amount they use.
  • Over 95% of libraries overall plan to keep seating space at current levels or increase it.
  • Only 2.2% had introduced the use of solar panels to generate electricity for the library.
  • Over 59% of the libraries surveyed reported that they have used the services of an architect over the past two years.
  • 28.89% said their last or current re-design plan included new landscaping for the exterior.
  • 17.78% of the entire sample had made plans over the past three years to install, expand, or re-situate a library cafe or restaurant.

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