Saturday, August 20, 2011

Charleston Conference: Shared Print Archiving: Building the Collective Collection, and a Print Safety Net!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Convenors: Sam Demas, College Librarian, Carleton College; Bob Kieft, College Librarian, Occidental College; Rick Lugg, R2 Consulting
Lightning Round: Rachel Frick, Kathryn Harnish, Clem Guthro, Michael Levine-Clark, John McDonald, Lizanne Payne, Judith Russell, Emily Stambaugh,
Cost: $150

How do libraries build a national shared collection while responsibly drawing down local legacy collections? After an overview of the challenges libraries face in developing a national shared collection, the program will continue with an intense lightning round of presentations with discussion of the key issues, presented by seasoned veterans. Lightning round topics will include: a. Making the case for collective collections, b. Elements of a 21st century collection management plan, c. Archiving models: nodes/centralized vs distributed, d. Collective archiving agreements, policy, requirements, e. Information systems to support the work with collections comparisons/data quality, f. Archiving disclosure in metadata/catalog records, g. Prospective collection management and development (e and p), h. Digital backbone of the collective collection.

In the afternoon the program will engage participants in identifying and understanding: 1. what kinds of action are required locally to participate nationally, 2. how shared print archiving will affect the work of acquisitions, serials, consortia, resource management, and collections professionals, and 3. how these professional sectors can best contribute to a national effort to ensure that our legacy collections are preserved for the future in the face of a national draw-down of redundant holdings. This will include a grass-roots brainstorming session to seed the national conversation with perspective from the front lines of library collections workers, and begin to shape agendas for professional development, best practices, policy formulation, local outreach, and other facets of this national challenge.

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