Wednesday, June 8, 2011


As we have discussed over the last couple years, WT Cox would like to work more closely with LALINC and its Members.   I believe that my longtime relationship with the Member Libraries gives me a unique perspective into the challenges faced in my home state.   As the budgets and economy continue to adversely affect Libraries, WT Cox has become more visible in the Academic markets and is being approached more frequently by Consortia and Libraries in hopes of being an option for them in the area of cost savings.  While certainly proving to be effective on this, the real surprise for Libraries has been the level of service and value added benefit that accompanies the new relationship.  While we pride ourselves on being able to help Libraries minimize cuts in its resources, we are more focused on insuring that the service we provide exceeds all expectations.  We would like to host a very informal lunch at ALA on Sunday to introduce ourselves and discuss the opportunities that WT Cox brings to the Libraries.  I have always felt that competition is good and options are necessary and over the last several years this has never been so true.

Our goal is to be an Information Partner as opposed to just a vendor.  We accomplish this by visiting the Library and speaking with various persons to insure that the services we offer continue to be not only a benefit for them but that Libraries are actually aware of them and used to fit their needs.  This is the cornerstone to our enhancement strategy for new features and benefits to our suite of online management tools.  In addition to the experienced Academic Customer Service Rep for each Customer, our 2-4 onsite visits per year insures that we learn and grow with our Customers to develop and enhance our mutually beneficial relationship.

Considering us as an alternative to current Agents is an easy process for the Library.  By submitting a current list of subscriptions, including Publisher e-journal packages, we can evaluate the list and advise in a timely reply what a Library’s service charge or discount with WT Cox might be.  Once this is determined, we ask for an opportunity to visit and meet with staff Members to demonstrate our system and have a very open dialogue on service expectations and needs and address any and all questions they might have.  Once the Library decides to switch to WT Cox, our transition team works very closely to insure that everything is set up properly at the beginning to minimize any potential for a hiccup.  This includes a barcode project with compatible ILS and cleaning up incorrect or unnecessary data.  A perfect time for those labor intensive but needed ISSN corrections to be addressed.  If a Library utilizes EDI for claiming and or invoicing this is the time we make sure all the pertinent information is recorded correctly in both of our systems.

In closing I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this email and hope that we have peaked your interest a bit in learning more about why WT Cox is a good partner for Consortia and its Members. 

We’d love for you to join us on Sunday, June26th, at 12 Noon for lunch. Please let us know if your schedule allows you to attend so we may be sure we have room for everyone. Details will follow.

Best regards,
Mike Harwell | VP Business Development and Publisher Relations
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Jill Mason | Manager, Publisher Project Integration
WT Cox Subscriptions
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