Monday, June 13, 2011

LION: Library Information literacy Online Network

Welcome to LION TV, an Online Network devoted to helping you learn all about the world of Information. Whether you are wanting to learn how to do Research, use Google more effectively, understand what is an Authoritative web site, or learn about a myriad of issues related to Information (such as Privacy, Copyright, and Plagiarism); this ever growing network will assist you with your information needs.Content at this site comes from the ANimated Tutorial Sharing Project (or ANTS), a collaborative project by professional librarians who work together across institutions to develop programs. Participants in this project agree to make these episodes openly available for others to link to, embed, share, download, or edit, provided the appropriate credit is assigned to the author (further information about all rights can be found by looking at the Creative Commons License associated with each epidsode)If you want to be informed any time new content is added to this site, you can subscribe via iTunes, Miro, or RSS. If you want to share our content via a Blog, E-mail,, Digg, or any number of Social Networking sites, select Share / Embed under each episode.If you wish to Syndicate the Show from your site, you may do so, provided that you give proper credit to the show from your site (see the Notice regarding credit at the Syndicate the Show site.)If you wish to Download content, you may do so by selecting Files and Links under each episode.If you are a librarian and wish to join our community of contributors, you can learn how to do so from our ANTS site.If you want to learn more about any of the e-resources, or collections, described in a program, consult you local library - be it a Public, Academic, School, Government or Special Library. Most have access to content held in the Deep / Invisible Web (i.e. online content that is only available if you pay for it - and which - is often more authoritative.) These libraries can assist you with access, accounts, research, or with acquiring physicial materials from their library or other libraries.LION TV is happy to assist you with your quest to become Information Literate Citizens. View, share, and comment on any and all content. Get a library card. Become informed and stay informed.The LION TV Executive Producers

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