Monday, June 13, 2011

LALINC-L: HCR 129 was heard today, and it lives! June 13 2011

A longer, better version of the video is now available if you missed it today:
I apologize for the recording quality-- the feed started to cut out part way through and I had to go to another page to report the error. And there's other noises coming from me typing elsewhere. Most of it worked fine, though.

Again, we still have longer to fight for this! Stay tuned.

Good afternoon,

HR 129 was heard today before the House Committee on Appropriations, and they talked about it for 30 minutes. It apparently passed and will go on to be voted on! Yes!

It only got by with one vote! Thanks for all the emails you-all sent, but we'll likely need even more to make sure EVERYONE understands how badly we need LOUIS!

Here is a "raw" recording of the result:
The video feed started cutting out, and my video wasn't very good. I'll try to make a better one and upload it later. This is just for "the now."

I should also mention that the full-length version may be a risk to persons with high blood pressure.

Thanks very much,
Karen Niemla


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