Wednesday, June 22, 2011 3rd QQML 2011 International Conference

QQML2011 at the end of May in Athens, Greece ( was marked by a robust program and an engaging audience. Below are two sessions featuring ARL planning and assessment activities and strategic planning by ARL member libraries. It was decided that the 4th QQML 2012 International Conference will be organized in Limerick, Ireland. Thus, I had to write this:
There once was an assessment con’frence
That in Athens needed no ref’rence
Will take Channel Tunnel
A.K.A the Chunnel
To Limerick for reappearance

SESSION TITLE: Managing Change in Academic Libraries in a Strategic Way: The nature of evidence for change management
This set of presentations focused on how libraries are managing change in a strategic way by highlighting the ARL Scenarios activity, how this activity can inform performance measurement and metrics and how value based propositions can be derived in the form of a value based scorecard for libraries. For example we examine how a library scorecard would look like for the library in 2030 assuming different scenarios for the future of scholarly communication and information transfer. The concept of the value scorecard has been articulated before in papers by Stephen Town; ARL has recently embarked in articulating four different scenarios for 2030 that have implications for the future of research libraries. This set of presentations will articulate different value metrics for research libraries under the different scenarios and also will highlight what libraries are doing nowadays in terms of assessment activities that could point to their future viability and sustainability. Last, an examination of the ClimateQUAL assessment protocol used to assess organizational climate and diversity is also discussed.

SESSION TITLE: Organizing Libraries for Effective Decision Making: the Role of Library Assessment through Four Case Studies
This set of four presentations will focus on how libraries are organized for assessment and how they capture and articulate their value proposition. Case studies from Columbia University, Cornell University, the University of Manitoba, and the University of York (UK) will inform this panel and provide perspectives on how libraries are managing change in a strategic way using data to support their decision making activities.
Library Assessment at Columbia University by Damon Jaggars and Jennifer Rutner
Library Assessment at the University of Manitoba by Betty Braaksma and Pat Nicholls
Performance Measurement and Metrics at the University of York, UK by Stephen Town

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