Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Technology Grant & Resource News


“Technology Grant News has granted your wish for a source that covers technology grants in one place,” says American Library Association’s American Libraries.

America is on the move! The grant and resource opportunities covered in Technology Grant News represent a variety of approaches to supporting technology use and development. Technology Grant News invites you to use our publications as an entrance into the world of growing philanthropic support available for technology. Technology Grant News provides, accurate, one-stop information on technology grants, free technology resources, technology partnerships, strategic alliances and technology advancement for your organization. Our publications provide a valuable and unique service for colleges & universities, K-12 schools, non profits, libraries & museums and towns & cities -- we research and compile the latest information from all sources on this technology funding, support and assistance and present it in ‘one place’ in time for you to quickly respond and take advantage of the programs.

Over the past 15 years foundations have been created by over 70 high-tech technology companies. Money has been set aside from corporate profits to fund corporate and foundation technology giving. The U.S. government as well, has responded to the need to develop technology infrastructure for technology education and scientific information sharing by dedicating government grant money for technology for a modern America and 21st Century. As a group of publishing and technology professionals, we became aware of this philanthropy and started Technology Grant News, a 5-year old publication, to expand awareness of these technology funding opportunities. Our purpose is to provide the public, colleges & universities, K-12 schools, non profit organizations, and towns & cities with practical tools and reliable resources to transition to use of technology to benefit their communities and to facilitate partnerships with organizations providing technology assistance.

With Technology Grant News, published 4 times a year, you will learn about the latest technology grants and funding available, with profiles of winning projects and directions in technology development. It is available In Electronic and Electronic with Print editions. Our other publication, Everything Technology: Directory of Technology Grants-Awards-Contests-Scholarships-Fellowships, supports you and your staff by saving you hours of time – we have done the research for you and bring information to you on funding opportunities, funders and free technology resources.

Technology Grant News is available in Electronic and Electronic with Print editions

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