Friday, May 6, 2011

ACRL Louisiana Legislative Day

As you may have heard, LLA's Legislative Day is soon coming, on May 5th! Attached here is a PDF complied by Michael Matthews with information specifically for academic library issues, including records management and archives:

What is in it? From Michael Matthews:

1. A spreadsheet listing all of the bills currently filed relevant to higher education, public records, libraries, and museums. The spreadsheet includes:

a. The title of each bill, listed in numerical order with House bills listed first.
b. The author and/or sponsor of each bill
c. The party affiliation of the author
d. The committee to which the bill will be directed for debate
e. The “keywords” associated with each bill. The keywords are assigned by the Legislature website. You can search for other bills on the website using these keywords.
f. A summary for each bill, highlighting its more significant points. I wrote these summaries based on my own reading, and I welcome any corrections.

2. A list of contact information for members of the House of Representatives

3. A list of contact information for members of the Senate

4. The full-text of each bill included on the spreadsheet, except for the massive HB 1, which includes only Schedule 19, the budget for all higher education systems, including the Board of Regents and the individual governing boards.

This week LLA will bring our message about libraries in Louisiana to the members of our legislature. Information has gone out from Phyllis Heroy and the legislative committee about this effort and the LLA Legislative Day at the Capitol this Thursday, May 5. It is vital that we get our message to the people who will make the budget decisions about the need for support for our libraries and about the benefits that libraries and librarians provide to the citizens of our state. Libraries reach out to everyone whether they are using the public library, their school library or a university library and not matter that it is a physical library or online services. Each library provides much needed access to information and recreation.

I am asking you all to come to Baton Rouge and join us on Thursday, however if you cannot, then please contact your state representative and senator to request their support for library databases and other library initiatives.

- House of Representatives

- Senate

I hope to see you in Baton Rouge,

Randy De Soto
President, LLA

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