Monday, March 28, 2011

EBSCO A-to-Z®: Upcoming improvements to display of e-journals purchased through EBSCO

On 5 April 2011, starting at 8:00 PM Eastern Time (6 April, 00:00 GMT), we will begin an upgrade to EBSCO A-to-Z that will improve how e-journals purchased through EBSCO are represented in the knowledge base and in your collection. This upgrade will make these titles easier to maintain and will help your users and staff to more easily locate these titles in your collection by clearly representing the journal in the context of its provider.

Currently, e-journals purchased through EBSCO display as a part of the E-Journals from EBSCO package within the A-to-Z Administrator Site Collection Editor and Title Wizard, as well as on the A-to-Z Reader Site. For example, the Sage Publications title American Politics Research (when ordered through EBSCO) would display on A-to-Z as part of the E-Journals from EBSCO package. After this upgrade, individual e-journals and e-journals in publisher packages purchased through EBSCO will be in the context of the appropriate publisher offering as represented in the A-to-Z Integrated Knowledge Base. In the previous example, American Politics Research would be displayed under the vendor Sage and in the appropriate e-journal package on both the Administrator and Reader Sites.
We expect this transition to take approximately 2 hours; therefore, if you are working within A-to-Z Administrator during this time, please note you may experience unexpected session timeouts.

In addition, if you applied proxy settings and notes/icons to an e-journal package or title that was formerly offered in the E-Journals from EBSCO package, these settings will NOT be applied to the new vendor or package (since they are usually not applicable). In the unlikely event that certain customizations, such as a note or icon, do apply to the new context as well, Customer Satisfaction will be happy to assist you by associating these settings for you upon request. Customer Satisfaction can be contacted at or by phone at (800)758-5995, option 2.
Please visit the context-sensitive help pages within A-to-Z Administrator for FAQs containing additional information regarding this transition.
Questions? Contact EBSCO Customer Satisfaction. Phone: (800) 758-5995, option 2 (U.S.A. and Canada), 00-800-3272-6000 (International Toll-Free), +1-978-356-6500, option 6 (International Toll). Support is available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday. Email:

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