Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cross-Cultural Database for LOUIS Consortium

For more information on eHRAF Databases Setup click on  "eHRAF World Cultures" and "eHRAF Archaeology" in item #1 at to set up the databases (the web site provides the titles, EZ Proxy configuration, short description, etc.).

Support for eHRAFFor technical support (e.g. access issues) email  For any other questions contact email HRAF at or call 203-764-9401.  Please note that HRAF offers free webinars for librarians, faculty, and students to better understand eHRAF.  Here is more info:

**What’s a Webinar and what is needed for the set-up? The Webinar is an online communication tool and a good alternative to on-site training. A download allows attendees to remotely view the eHRAF training on their screens.  The essential components are computers that allow downloads, internet access, a phone line, and a speaker phone.  For the eHRAF training of a group of people a computer classroom with workstations and/or a projector with a screen is commonly used.  However, eHRAF webinar training can also be set up for one person, or a group of individuals logging on from different locations.  The set up for multiple log-ins from different locations requires users to have voice-over-IP (VoIP) and headsets with microphones.

**Why eHRAF Webinar phone training?  The webinar serves as good "contact" opportunity for HRAF and its member institutions.  During a webinar a HRAF representative discusses the various ways eHRAF can used for research and teaching, and provides a comprehensive overview of eHRAF's unique indexing system, the search and browse navigation, and useful search strategies.  Answering questions from attendees makes the Webinar more interactive.

**Who should attend? Anyone who is interested in learning more about eHRAF...librarians, faculty, students, research staff. Sometimes institutions invite all who are interested to the webinar.  Other times separate webinars are held for librarians, faculty, and students.

**How long does it take? It usually takes one hour, but time can vary depending on the questions asked and topics covered.

**New! eHRAF just for students.  If eHRAF is used for a course a Webinar can be "customized" to focus on specific topics in a syllabus.  This makes eHRAF more interesting and fun for faculty and students.

 **Who organizes the Webinar training? HRAF does the training, but the institution (usually the library) has to organize it and announce it to its institution. 

**How much does it cost?  This service is free (HRAF pays for the phone call and for the Webinar set-up).

Please let me know whether your library and/or department would be interested in such a Webinar phone training session for eHRAF. 

Please also let your colleagues and faculty know that HRAF provides online student exercises at and research help for eHRAF through individual consultation and classroom instructions

Christiane Cunnar
Member Services
Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) at Yale University
755 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511

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