Monday, March 14, 2011

Academic Impressions: Libraries and Copyright in a Digital Age :: Webcast Series

Learn more about how copyright law applies to digitization and reproduction of library materials.

Copyright law affects library users today in unprecedented ways. Standard library activities, such as interlibrary loan and preservation copying, raise concerns for copyright holders, and yet the Copyright Act of 1976 recognized these as legitimate library activities - within certain parameters. The law has become dated as technology has advanced, and libraries now struggle to comply with its provisions while still serving their user communities.

Join us online for a two-part webcast as our expert instructors discuss the limitations and exclusive rights of the US Copyright Act that apply to digitization and reproduction of library materials and archives, as well as the new challenges for libraries with emerging technologies. We will use case studies throughout the program to help you test your knowledge and apply the concepts you're learning.

Session 1: Preservation and Interlibrary Loan in a Digital Age
After participating in this webcast, you will be able to apply Section 108 of copyright law appropriately to preservation and ILL.
  • Library exceptions to Section 108
  • Reproduction and distribution of library materials
  • Restriction on digital copies
  • Options for required notice to users
  • Commission on New Technological Uses (CONTU) guidelines for ILL
  • Alternatives and recommendations
Session 2: New Challenges for Libraries with Emerging Technologies
After participating in this webcast, you will be able to apply licensing and fair use to new challenges for libraries with emerging technologies.
  • Digital collections
  • E-reserves
  • Digital video reserves
  • Digitization of images and other special collections
  • Licensing challenges (Kindle and Netflix)

Register online or call  720.488.6800  720.488.6800 . Want to share this valuable information with your colleagues? Register your institution for a single site connection and an unlimited number of people can participate.

You can also add this event to your training library by purchasing a CD recording of the live webcast and a bound set of the presentation materials. Questions? Call us to help determine if this event is right for you.

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