Sunday, October 7, 2012

Archival Today - October 2012


Archival Today: News, Expert Advice, Resources and more from Gaylord. October 2012, Issue 7.

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Archival Today: A fresh look at preserving the past.
Celebrate American Archives Month with Archival Today!
October 2012, Issue 7.
The Book Club of California Celebrates their 100th Anniversary. Read more.
Upcoming Events. Join us at the following conferences.
Frank Lloyd Wright Archives Move to the Big Apple.
Learn More.
Learn more at
Did You Know? There are 1.7 billion rare and unique books, periodicals and scrapbooks in U.S. collections (16% need conservation treatment or improved care and conditions).
Now You Can Browse the 1940 Census Online.
Find free materials and ideas for how to raise public awareness of your collection this American Archives Month.
Browse the 1940 Census Now.
Grants are available for archives in need of assistance after Hurricane Isaac.
Gaylord 2012 Archival Catalog.
Possible New Photo of Emily Dickinson Found. See for yourself.
Request Catalog.

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