Wednesday, September 12, 2012

EasyBib Visual Website Evaluation Guides

Did you know that EasyBib has free, visual guides that help your students evaluate the credibility of websites? One of the biggest concerns in education today is teaching students how to wade through the oceans of information available online to find what is truly relevant and credible. We’ve put together visual guides to help you teach students these skills.
Check out an example page from the guide below:
Website Evaluation Guide
As you can see, EasyBib uses the best practices to determine what criteria is necessary for evaluation, such as author, publisher, currency, and much more. The guides give concrete, real-world examples of actual sites that are credible, possibly credible, and not credible so students can see the thought process required to evaluate a source.
If you subscribe to our School Edition service, you have access to our website evaluation feature, which serves as a reminder and alert for students to think about the credibility of the website they are citing.
Website Evaluation Tool
EasyBib has evaluated the top 50% of sources cited, and using robust criteria, explains why a source is credible, maybe credible, or not credbile. For other sources that are not evaluated, EasyBib provides calls to action along with the criteria so students can properly evaluate a source before citing it. Learn more about School Edition and website evaluation.
Emily Gover, M.S. University of Albany
Information Literacy Librarian
Presenter at:
Columbia University’s EdLab | NYU Bobst Library | SUNYLA 2012 | TCCTA 2012 | Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy
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