Friday, February 4, 2011

Why the Kindle Will Never Support Library Books

The folks at the Kindle Review have written a thought-provoking piece which asks the question, Will Kindle ever add support for library books? They bring up some interesting points, although many are meant to be inflammatory, it’s definitely worth a read.
“What benefit does Amazon get by supporting Library books?
Lots of benefits -
1. Kindle owners get an alternative to the Kindle Store – free library books.
2. Kindle owners get lots of alternatives to the Kindle Store – stores that sell ePub books.
3. It can help all its rivals by letting them sell books straight to Kindle owners.
4. Kindle owners buy less books and Amazon doesn’t have to spend a lot of time counting all the money it’s making.
5. There’s less profit so it can’t devote money to R&D, and then it won’t have to worry about creating better Kindles.”
via No Shelf Required

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